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Every month I will share what GOD wants me to share openly primarily to help us mature spiritually as within HIS transformation.”
List of Inspirational Lessons

Introduction to the PPPacked Party

Explaining how I am working toward launching TELL to sell the Power In Prayer Pack, cards, brochures, description of the Star of Jesus pieces for promoting Love in Jesus as a peace symbol. How we can stall the time for tribulation. Plant seeds to move people toward prayer in Jesus. Power IN Prayer to wear and share. This is an opportunity for you to gain something of mine to keep or share, with the star of Jesus jewelry. 

on Feb., 2021 | by Queen of The South Calasia Day

Put Power in YOUr Prayer Pack

Power In Prayer Packs explain how I wish to sell The star of Jesus to restore faith in God Almighty, the God of Abraham. You keep a star and give one away as a gift, and I show what is shared in the pack. The Everlasting lights reach out to all cultures to know Jesus, to follow the 10 Commandments and learn how to be in Jesus his love.. I quote John 3:16 , to say and believe for protection, but there is a time to be a martyr. Women bring life in our world by giving birth, and men are our protectors. Use your talents for GOD. I will select 11 women as in My circle to serve GOD, and launch a new toastmaster group to learn how to speak out for GOD. We will be an employee-owned company to create, ands form a separate ministry as well. I explain the jobs I will start with to form this company. 15 minutes

on Feb., 2021 | by Queen of The South Calasia Day

The Mark of the Beast Coming

Ec. 4:10-12 quoted of the Bible. You are called to help and three together is strong. I believe the Jew, Christian, and Islamic will come together as allies in Israel, to defend the Holy Land together. Grace is given to us of GOD. Read John 15:8. GOD wants you to be a disciple, and bear fruit, so ask GOD for what you need to do what He wants. Jesus is the sacrifice to remove our sin for all time. I speak about the Queen of the South and what is predicted about her. Let us all share and get smarter. A clean house can become 7 times more filthy than when it was cleaned. We need to get prepared like the stock up of food before a period of famine. Under GOD we can stand against this evil to reign, the Mark of the Beast is coming. Famine is coming so we need to work together to get prepared.

on Feb., 2021 | by Queen of The South Calasia Day

Who Is Your Boogie Man

Who Is your Boogie man? Cain vs Able I speak of what to do for GOD then moved to speak of our rights which are violated like was so in UK and why we left. Their methods of usurpation as come here, and we need gold and silver for exchange. No loan should surpass 7 years. WE need the year of Jubilee to happen, forgiveness of all loans, and if we follow what Trump wants to do it will happen. We need a wakeup call. The Rock Star of Jesus I will throw, against this Mark of the Beast which is developed to do to us. We need to battle against the violation of our liberty. Justice is not in our courtroom, and we can’t trust our doctors, Our leaders have foreign investments, connected to what we buy and they are selling our freedoms. Our forefathers fled from what is now happening here in a USA that leads to slavery. I pray that our Emergency Powers are used for good not evil, if they are used. WE need to fight now for a revamp of our money system, the way we gain justice in our courts, and investigate all food, water, , and medicine we gain from other countries and if it’s the FDA as not shut down for doing their job, we need to put investigators in among them to know if we are being poisoned, our hospital also need investigation and the whole system set up that violates our rights for free choice as medical personnel as well as a patient. All we have trusted now has violated our trust. This is a war within against the profit being made on fear promoted.

on March, 2021 | by our Knights

The Year of Jubilee 2024!

Jesus becomes King over your life. I then share all about our Liberty Bell that we now need to fix. I won a pendant with the Liberty on the inscription on it 1776-1976, our Bicentennial, 200 years celebration I won a "Miss USA" title, born in 1956, we agreed to protect Israel, and I wish to go to Israel to walk where our Lord Jesus walked. I read about the Year of Jubilee, the forgiveness of debt, In the Bible I read Leviticus 25:1 to (10) (ordained Grace on man) to 16... about the year of rest we now need. 144K (as ordained number) is 72K from dad + 72K from mom in genes as divine under GOD, also 144K men who await Jesus his arrival. I paint a dream of a year of Jubilee. For our health we need forgiveness of debt, this as rest, to rebuild our farms and ranches, and manufacturing here in the USA. I prayed to GOD in Yeshua Ha Mashiach Ben David, for a year of Jubilee.

on Feb., 2021 | by Queen of The South Calasia Day

All Lives Matter To GOD

All lives Matter, throughout the World, to call out like Jonah to bring new souls into the Kingdom of GOD. Jesus will reign here in earth for 1000 years. Be wise to know you are not wise and need to learn a lot. Let us learn from each other, and I suggest you see “The Chosen” the movie series out about Jesus, “40 Days with Jesus” by Amanda Jenkins, Kristen Hendricks & Dallas Jenkins. I quote a poem of mine: Who Can Crush This Babbling Tower? There's a connection I have to various dates 2/14 and 1956, and I share what my prayers are to GOD, and how a father/ mother teach GOD HIS WORD. You need to work out with GOD to grow in HIs Spirit. Don’t stick you talent in the ground and do nothing with what GOD gave you. Show Him how happy you are he put you here. You will get a new name when you are born again. Calasia Is called to call people from Babylon to Jerusalem, to be saved in Jesus' name. Let us mix Jesus by the Holy Spirit with all cultures. I share how God's people failed GOD and got involved in idolatry... such a shame. Let us make a crown for Jesus so he can become our King on earth. Let us stop these Baal worshipers who serve Satan. Do not Blaspheme the Holy Spirit. Repent! I pray for all listening.

on March, 2021 | by our Star worship Leader

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